New Directions in Palliative Medicine

Challenge or Conform: Finding Consensus in an Evolving Specialty

(incorporating the Scottish National Training Programme for Palliative Medicine)

27th and 28th September 2018

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh

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Confirmed Speakers

Professor Mike Bennett - Evolving Challenges in Cancer Pain Management: When are Chronic Pain Approaches Applicable?

Professor David Clark - Palliative Care and Public Health: An Asymmetrical Relationship?

Dr Richard Simcock - Is Cancer a Chronic Illness yet?

Dr Kevin Boyd - Myeloma: An Update on Management

Dr Claire Higham - Sodium Abnormalities in Malignant Disease

Dr Jean MacLeod - Managing Diabetes at the End of Life

Dr Katherine Hands - Blood Transfusion and the Alternatives

Professor Allan Gaw - Academic Writing – Tips for the Beginner

Professor Richard Huxtable - Surely it must be time to stop now?