Oriana, Grace, Kai, Louise (and me) do the bubble rush ;)

Pamela Mackie

Strathcarron were amazing when we lost Dad in 2008. . . every little we can do to support them helps.

Bubble Rush for Strathcarron!

Amanda McKay

As many of you know, Strathcarron Hospice is close to our hearts. They took care of our Mum/ Gaga in the final months of her life and the care they give is second to none. I don’t know anyone in the area we live who hasn’t been touched by Strathcarron. They run entirely on donations, so we are fundraising again for them by doing the Bubble Rush in Glasgow on a May 5th. If you can please help us gather a good amount for this wonderful place! Thank you!

Fundraiser in memory of Gina McLean

Carol Christie

We are running the bubblerush to raise money for Strathcarron Hospice.

Naomi’s getting bubbly for Strathcarron

Ruth Beaman

For all the good work and care that Strathcarron hospice provide.

Team KLG

Jane Gallacher

In memory of loved ones and support of the excellent work carried out by the hospice

Joyce's Kids

Lynn Guthrie

Lynn, Martin and Arran are taking part in the Bubble Rush 2019, for the second year. Joyce passed away at Strathcarron in 2017 and we hope to raise some funds on what would be 2 days before her birthday. Thanks! xx