The COVID pandemic has brought many challenges for all of us. Lots of people feel frightened, anxious, lonely, and isolated. Could you help people experiencing these feelings in your local community? Could you help your community to become a compassionate one?

We are grasping the opportunity provided in this difficult time to offer support to our local neighbourhoods to become Compassionate Communities. We are playing an active part in supporting individuals and groups to make sustainable connections so that everyone can play a part in community life. 

Download our booklet of ideas to help you make connections in your area, or call us on 01324 826222 to find out how to get started.

Download ideas

As our Community Development Coordinator, Susan, says: "Take this opportunity to move towards a better future. A future where individuals can help people while at the same time being helped themselves. A different future where we feel more connected to our neighbours, where it is recognised that every person has something to give or share in their community. Where communities can support people who are ageing, dying and grieving, with professional services walking alongside, helping only where required."