Day to day life can be busy and complex. So much information to process as well as all those passwords to remember!

Then the one day when you need to find that important document, it's nowhere to be found! You remember putting it ‘somewhere safe’…but where?

Many people have documents in different places and with different people. Banks, solicitors and Independent Financial Advisers are all quite likely to hold some of your most important paperwork.

Help is at hand!

The Strathcarron Compassionate Communities team and people from the communities of Forth Valley have co-produced the All About Me booklet. This helpful booklet enables you to record and find important information about your life without having to sort through file after file. It divides up into the following sections:

- Personal details: information about your immediate family, closest friends and pets.
- Life contacts: details of your doctor as well as your gas, water and electricity suppliers.
- Possessions: items ranging from your home to your car, possessions or valuables
- Computers and Social Media: details of your digital and social media access / wishes.
- Financial: contact details of your bank, credit cards, insurance policies etc.
- Final wishes: deals with the time when your family will need to know your wishes about such things as funeral arrangements. It is also where can you record your thoughts about loved ones, as well as make peace with family and friends.

 All About Me Booklet

or you can email [email protected] We would be delighted to send you a copy.