Join us as we trek to the highest point in the UK – guided by torches and the stunning night sky! Our Ben Nevis Midnight Trek sees us conquer the tallest mountain in the UK, but with a difference.

We’ll be setting off at night-time and our trek will follow the route as it zig-zags its way to the summit in time to witness a breathtaking sunrise across the Scottish Highlands on our descent. The trek will be challenging; however, we’ll be accompanied by experienced mountain leaders supporting us every step of the way and we will return with memories to last a lifetime.

The trek to the summit zig-zags its way through tough terrain and the landscape becomes ever more remote as we trek higher and higher, leaving the lowlands behind us. Our ascent should take approximately 4-5 hours, and upon reaching the summit, we will be able to (hopefully!) enjoy a beautiful sunrise and take in the stunning views surrounding us. We begin our descent which should take approximately 3-4 hours and upon reaching the finish we are rewarded with a breakfast bap. We are then free to go on our onward journeys.

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