Who is the course recommended for?

The course is aimed at clinicians with access to ultrasound machines, working within palliative care settings, who wish to add information to their clinical data from an ultrasound perspective.

What will I learn from this course?

The course will focus on answering four common abdominal palliative care questions.
Does the abdomen contain ascites?
Is it safe to insert an abdominal drain to remove ascites at this particular point?
Does the urinary bladder contain

In addition, the course will cover the rudiments of the physics upon which ultrasound depends, the causes of the common ultrasound artefacts, safety issues for patients and equipment, ultrasound of liver, diagnosis of DVT, and how to make audit a part of regular practice.

Delegates will be expected to complete some pre-course reading. The training includes didactic teaching involving video and PowerPoint presentations, as well as the opportunity to practise ultrasound skills on each other or on volunteers.


Professor Max Watson


£650 per person

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