Sharie Taylor We are members of the Strathcarron Community Clinical Nurse Specialist Team who visit patients /families in their own home.

Taking part is the challenge is Lorraine, Karen, Chrisanne, Sharie and Vic.

As well as continuing to support our patients and families who are referred to our service. We would like to use our once a day exercise to raise vital funds for Strathcarron.

The staff at Strathcarron Hospice is all too aware the impact Covid -19 is having on our usual fundraising events.

So we wanted to show our support by doing 5K Everyday in May.

We aim to give you regular updates of how we are doing; some of us will also be taking a families or pets along too.

Thank you for reading our story and your kind donations is very much appreciated.

Well we are in week 2 of our 5K every day in May,

We are all enjoying the challenge myself, Chrisanne and Lorraine have walked 5k sometimes more never less. Karen and her boys have chosen to mix it up a bit and cycle and walk and they have been fairly clocking up the kilometres.
We will reveal the kilometres walked and cycled at the end of the challenge.

I would also like to tell you a bit more about the Palliative Care Clinical Nurse Specialist Team.
We are a team of 14 who cover Forth Valley and North Lanarkshire. We receive almost 1000 referrals a year and provide Specialist Palliative Care and support to patients and their families in their own homes. We have been supporting people in the community for over 35 years. We are often the first person to have contact with the patient and their families when they are referred.

Many people think the hospice is funded as part of the NHS and that we will get a share of the Millions you see being raised at this difficult time. Unfortunately, we will not we are an independent charity that relies on voluntary donations to run our service and this costs £12,900 daily to run Strathcarron Hospice

I speak for us all we are truly grateful to all our supporters who have donated already and please keep watching this page as our next update is something special. Not to be missed and please feel free to share our fundraising page with your family and friends.

Update 22/05/2020
I am so grateful to my colleagues for joining me in this challenge we are doing amazingly well.
So a Big Thank You to all our supporters

I promised you a special update well if you go to the hospice face book page you will see that Lorraine went the extra mile and dressed up whilst doing her 5K well worth a wee look.

To tell you a little more about the clinical nurse specialist team.

Although we are not part of the NHS we work very closely with our colleagues in primary care and social care within Forth Valley and North Lanarkshire providing specialist palliative care to patients to those who have a life limiting condition. We all manage our own caseloads and we can each see up to 5 patients and their families a day.

We did not set a target when we began this challenge but I have recently learnt that it costs £2200 a day for the CNS service .

We would love it if by the end of our challenge we raised a Day of support for CNS service. 

Please feel free to share or page with family and friends.

I cannot say it enough thank you for all your support.

Update 29/05

It is almost the end of May and our challenge is coming to an end .
The money raised will help us to continue to support our patients and their families.

A key part of our role is building relationships with the people who need us
We meet patients and their families often in the last months, weeks sometimes days of there lives . When they are feeling very vunerable and sometimes isolated . We listen to there story and identify what is important to them and help them make every moment count .

We thank you for helping us to make this happen your support is needed now more than ever

Sharie Taylor