Julia Foster Hi there!

Thanks for checking out our page. My name is Jools and together with my colleague Abbie I will be taking on the biggest challenge of my life. An 11 day trip to Tanzania to trek up Mount Kilimanjaro raising funds for a very worthwhile cause.

Abbie and I were given this amazing opportunity by our employers, Stevenson & Marshall LLP and will be part of a team of 25 people raising much needed funds for Strathcarron Hospice.

Strathcarron Hospice in Denny provides an exceptional care to people in the community living with limiting conditions, as well as much needed respite to their families. The care and assistance they provide to their patients and families is invaluable in making the final moments as precious and comfortable as possible. The staff and volunteers at Strathcarron are exceptional, working tirelessly and unconditionally, always with a smile. To continue to provide this care the Hospice needs to find a massive £12,900 per day and we want to help them by raising as much funds as we can, and we hope you can support us on our journey.

This is a huge challenge for both of us. For my part (Jools) I've taken on this challenge, not only because it incorporates two of my favourite things, travel and the great outdoors, but also to regain the motivation and determination I lost when I was diagnosed with a debilitating lifelong condition. I was relatively fit and healthy up until about two/three years ago. I had taken up running and took part in some events to raise money for various charities close to my heart. However when I started to pile on the weight and became ill I got very depressed and when I was eventually diagnosed with the condition I lost all that determination. Taking part in what is the most exciting but challenging adventure of my life has given me that fight and determination back that I lost and spurred me on to become the best person I can be, happier and healthier. it won't be easy but I'm looking forward to standing on top of that mountain, looking out at the view and saying to myself "I did it".

I (Abbie) was truly blown away by the amazing facilities and care that Strathcarron provide for their patients as well as their families. Strathcarron goes above and beyond the term ‘hospice’ everyday. The work they do truly is amazing and life changing and we would just like to help them continue the amazing work they do by raising this money.

Abbie and I are tasked with raising £4,150 each, obviously we hope to raise much more. We plan on taking on a lot of fundraising activities over this coming year to raise the much needed funds for Strathcarron Hospice. Any money donated via this page goes directly to the Hospice and anything, no matter how small, will make such a huge difference!

Thanks for taking the time to read our page and thank you for your support!

Jools and Abbie
Julia Foster