Austin Mitchell

As you will know I like a challenge. In 2016, I cycled from London to Paris for Strathcarron Hospice. It would have been too easy to sign up and to do another cycle so I thought I'd up the game and do a marathon instead.

The 1st Stirling Marathon was run last year and I was inspired by what I saw and thought this year, I'd give it a bash. I am most definitely not a runner so this is a huge challenge for me and one that I am looking forward to (nervously).

Strathcarron Hospice is a place very close to our families hearts as my mother in law spent time there before she passed away. Every day of the year they need to raise over £11,000 just to keep their existing services running.

Strathcarron Hospice now employs nearly 200 people and their services cost over £6.5 million each year. About 38% of the running costs are funded by the NHS with nearly £2million from NHS Forth Valley and over £550,000 from NHS Lanarkshire. They have to find the rest themselves.

Every penny counts so please help me to help them and give what you can.

Thank you

Austin Mitchell