I've always been a bit of a Granny's boy (if that's a thing), but no seriously if you were ever lucky enough to meet my Gran you'd understand why she was such an incredible woman.

She has always been a huge inspiration for me: she's the reason I am obsessed with wildlife, the reason I have my sweet tooth, the reason I view the world the way I do, the reason I am me. My family lived with my Grandparents for a few years when we were younger and saw them all the time before they made their dream move up to Scotland, where we then saw them as much as possible.

Granny got diagnosed with cancer during the first lockdown and had passed by the time covid had finished, which to me took years and am still processing. The last time I saw my Gran up in Scotland she was fit and healthy and over-cooking our Christmas Dinner (her speciality). Granny didn't want me or my younger brother to see her ill, which is just so her and something I have learnt to respect.

I still struggle to get my head around the fact she's not here, but have found peace in her passing and not battling her illness.

Strathcarron Hospice helped when Granny was at her weakest, they were incredible in supporting my Grandad & family in caring for Granny and I'll never forget it.

By running the Edinburgh Marathon (very fitting being in Scotland) I hope to raise a good amount so Strathcarron can carry on with the incredible work they've been doing - anything you can contribute no matter how big or small is incredible and really appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read!
Brad x Bradley Birchmore