Claire Kennedy I really admire people who take part in Sober October or do a Dry January, you can see what a personal challenge it is to give up something you really enjoy! For me personally though, it wouldn't be so much of a challenge simply because I don't drink often - what is a challenge, and anyone who knows me will tell you, is to give up chocolate! Chocolate is my absolute go to, any time of the day. So, I've decided to give up chocolate for Lent which is about 6 weeks. Every year, Strathcarron provides care and support to over 1,400 people with a life-limiting illness or condition, at a time when both they and their family need it most. The Hospice philosophy is about living until you die and Strathcarron ensure people have every opportunity to achieve their goals right up until the last moment.

As an independent hospice all care is provided free of charge and services include a 24-bed inpatient unit, Day Care, [email protected], Community Nurse Specialists and Lymphoedema clinic. Strathcarron need to raise over £12,900 every day to keep these services running. I hope you can support and encourage me along the way by making a donation to the Hospice, thank you for helping. Claire Kennedy