I’ve always known what work starthcarron does as I’ve lived local to the services and always heard of people having really sad but supportive experiences within strathcarron.

I’m now in my final year training to be a nurse and I’ve been lucky enough to have a placement at starthcarron and experience first hand the work that goes into the charity- there is so much more than you’d ever imagine. From the hard working staff in the ward to day car services for those with live limiting illness to hospice @ home services the charity rely on vital funds to keep all these amazing service running everyday and continue to provide the care and support for people and family’s

So here I am running the stirling marathon. I hate running. I can’t run, I try but I’m not good. Soooo here I am going to train for the marathon in October and they’ll be tears AND tantrums but here we go it’s for a good cause!

Plz sponsor me to ruin my knees forever !

Emma Mcmorran