As a Marie Curie Ambassador, I know how important hospice care is. We are so fortunate to have hospices dotted about the UK, but these more local hospices, like the larger charity/nhs-run hospices, also need our help. Strathcarron has cared for several friends and I know it has a special place in peoples' hearts. One of my mad friends (I have several!) suggested this would be fun. Having just recently trekked to raise funds for Marie Curie, covering 100km in the Sahara in upwards of 25 degrees, surely a few metres over hot coals is doable...........isn't it???
I know these are very difficult financial times for many, but if you can spare a little (no amount is too small) to help Strathcarron Hospice continue their fantastic work, I'd be very grateful. Thank you. Estelle x Estelle Nicol