My friend and fellow volunteer at Forth Valley RDA Anne Sherry was diagnosed with CJD after a difficult year health wise and in lockdown. It was a devastating diagnosis for Anne. Losing her ability to communicate was cruel for my sharp witted and wonderfully linguistic friend. She never lost her sense of humour or warmth.

I will always remember LillyAnn and Anne reading together in the hospice. Anne lit up and it was evident she was still all there, even if she had lost her words. Allowing her dogs in must have been an enormous comfort to her.

The staff were wonderful, and made a horrendous situation easier. I'm sure Anne would have wanted me to help them help more people.

In loving memory of my wonderful American friend who helped me through some difficult times with her warmth, fun and laughter. I still hear her 'hey kiddo' and that infectious smile.

Fiona Patton