Heather Love

Anyone who knows me will probably be shocked at the news that I have signed-up to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. I am doing this as part of #TeamStrathcarron to raise some much needed funds for Strathcarron Hospice.

My dad, Walter, spent much of last year in Strathcarron before he passed away, so I know first-hand of the incredible work they do and the difference they can make to a patient and their family in their darkest times.

Myself and exercise are not good buddies, and I struggle to climb the stairs at work never mind climbing a mountain – a mountain four times the height of Ben Nevis! As well as the physical aspects involved, there is 140 different species of mammals that live on Mount Kilimanjaro including 7 primates, 25 carnivores, 25 antelopes and 24 different species of bat – and oh, did I mention the risk of altitude sickness?!

Having said all that, the challenge I face is absolutely nothing compared with the challenges faced by the patients and families at Strathcarron. Through empathy, compassion, sincerity and humour, the amazing staff and the volunteers at Strathcarron help people to live with their illness and make the most of the time they have.

But as well as offering care to patients the team also need to raise the equivalent of £12,900 every day just to keep services running, so I am appealing to your extraordinary generosity to help raise these much needed funds. I plan to update this blog with the many events I intend on holding in the lead up to my climb – so please favourite this page to follow my journey along the way. Words or encouragement are also welcome (and desperately needed - yikes).

Heather Love