I appreciate any donations anyone can give to support this cause, as one day we will all face our mortality. Before moving to NZ in 1985 I lived and worked as a District nurse in Falkirk area and was present at the official opening of Strathcarron Hospice, even had photo in paper with Princess Anne! Community Oncology and Palliative care has been focal in my nursing career, and with a recent move to semi retirement and casual I am still nursing in Buller region of the South Island NZ. Hospice care invaluable to those requiring support and care as approaching end of life.
https://www.edinburghmarathon.com/10k is the event- join me if you fancy this or longer options.
I hope the run will deter me from too much cake and cocktails on my cruise!! I have roped in my school friend Helen to join me this event. There should be lots of chatter and photos as we run around the castle.
Those who know me are aware I am one of those mad folks who loves running and exercising; keeping fit and healthy! Even when traveling my running gear always packed in the suitcase lol. 2024 my husband Philip and I have a trip planned, cruising from Sydney to Athens then onward through Europe to Bonnie Scotland! Looking forward to refilling my heart with Scottish memories- new ones and reminiscing old with friends and family. I have lived in NZ more of my life than Scotland now and this is my home but I'm proud to be Scottish born and my roots of my homeland will never be forgotten. Thank you in advance. Jacque Hill