In July 2017 my amazing mum became an inpatient at Strathcarron Hospice, it’s where she would be till it was time for her to be at peace. The care provided was beyond anything I’ve ever seen. My mum was at ease, and she felt comfortable, that’s all we could possibly ask for.
My mum was diagnosed so quickly with terminal cancer that we never had a chance to make many memories. The hospice though went above and beyond for mum. They set up a cinema date night in the conservatory for my mum and dad, they set the conservatory up another night so they could have a wee takeaway date night. The nurses would encourage me to help bathe my mum, do her nails, wee leg massages, that’s all the things that I hold dear. When we were told that it was time, we gathered at my mum’s bedside, she wasn’t ready to go though, 7 of us lived at the hospice for 5 days and nights. We were given beds, food, shower rooms, our washing got done for us. Nurses would come sit with us talking us through absolutely everything.
In September 2017 we held a fundraiser raising £6.5k to go towards Strathcarron’s first cuddle bed. I’d really like to give a little more back to the hospice, 3 people I know since 2017 have been in the hospice and sadly passed away, the care they received was amazing too.
Please help me give something to the most amazing place I’ve ever seen. Tracy Park