So ..... people keep asking me whats my next challenge since I have done my half marathons is it a full marathon and I always answered no as I wanted to challenge myself with something when asked if I would be interested in joining this challenge I thought why not...... so next September I will be joining the team from Strathcarron Hospice to climb MOUNT KILIMANJARO!!!!! This is a massive challenge for me both mentally and physically however I believe I have it in with me with the support of my family and friends to go for it.

Over the next few months I know there will be moments where I will be excited but also start to think what the hell have I signed up for!!! I will be hosting various fundraising events so hope to see some of you there and will be climbing various munros if ya fancy joining me let me know!!! I hope you will all get on board with my journey and put up with various posts of me training etc letting you know on my progress so apologies in advance!

Just shows just over a year ago I wanted to try and run a good 5k now I am attempting to climb mountains..believe in yourself and anything is possible!!! 🙈🤩🤞🎉🏔 💕🏕🏞
#kilamanjaro2020 #hospiceheroes #strathcarronhospice

Kirsty Clarke