Sharon McGuire We were having a chat one day about the impact that Covid19 and lockdown will be having on Strathcarron Hospice. Many people believe that Strathcarron is run and funded by the NHS, this is not the case. Strathcarron requires £12,900 per day to run and provide the wonderful service that they do, they do receive some funding, however the majority of the funding they receive is from the generosity of people in the local area and from fundraising events, which have obviously been hit extremely hard at this time.
As well as to help Strathcarron in some way, Lily also wanted to do something that would help to lift the spirits of our neighbours at this time (some are in the vulnerable category and are shielding), so she decided that after the Clap For Heroes when everyone is out in the street on a Thursday night, she would sing everyone a song. We borrowed equipment from family so that she could be heard and on Thursday 6th she treated everyone to a rendition of Hallelujah, this was extremely well received and thanks to our very kind neighbours Lily raised £135. Lily is going to learn a new song every week and will continue to do this every Thursday night throughout the remainder of lockdown.
£135 is a lot of money and we are extremely grateful for this, however we want to raise more. For anyone who has sadly had to use the amazing services that Strathcarron have to offer or who have been up to visit, I am sure you will agree that this is a service that needs to be protected, please click on the link and donate, any amount would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Sharon McGuire