Marion Stevenson My dad was sadly diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in late 2017 and he went through gruelling chemotherapy with no success then onto medication again with no success and laterally radiotherapy which meant a month of travelling back and forth to The Beatson for 5 days a week to find out sadly the devastating news it had spread to his bones and he was only expected to survive for 6 months to 1 year . Sadly he didnt see either of these... During this time my mum who had suffered from Multiple Sclorosis , Meniars Disease and Osteoperosis deterioted mainly as her lifelong sole mate was sadly not going to be around forever she decided to give up her fight after breaking her hip last September 2018 she was originally only admitted to hospital after breaking her hip but never left . My dad was admitted to Strathcarron Hospice November for symptom managment but took an infection and didnt want to fight it. The Hospice that isnt government funded arranged for my mum to be brought over from the Falkirk Community Hospital to be with my Dad so they could be together again at the end before my Dad was heavily sedated and would sadly never see my my Mum again. It was like something out of a movie watching this happen - a true testament to what the hospice stands for and also my parents were together again after not being apart for over 50yrs . Sadly my Dad passed away 28/11/18 and my Mum passed away 6 days later but still at the hospice. I plan to raise as much as I can as their last wishes were to be together and Strathcarron Hospice facilitated this . I will be eternally grateful and Im sure they both were too... Marion Stevenson