I have decided to do some fundraising for strathcarron hospice. To do this I have signed up to run the Edinburgh half marathon in May 2024. ( I will be doing some other crazy things too. Details to follow)

In march 2018 my Granda was admitted to strathcarron hospice where he remained for two days before sadly passing away. In this short period of time i saw him receive care from the nurses and staff that was second to none. Their kind and caring approach was remembered always. Now 5 years later my beautiful gran has been admitted to strathcarron hospice where she is currently receiving the same loving care from the nurses and staff. The hospice itself is a peaceful environment with relaxing surroundings and the families of those staying there are looked after also. I was shocked to find out that the hospice relies heavily on donations and costs well over fourteen thousand pounds per day to run.

If I can do anything to give back to this amazing place then I will do it and in the name of my amazing grandparents. William and Helen Kilcar.

Any help or donations to this amazing cause will be greatly appreciated, not only by me and my family but I’m sure the families of those who’s loved ones have received care here. ❤️ Nicola Clelland