Coleena Brodie April McKinney, Michael Craig, Kristen Brodie and I have all had the privilege of meeting many of those who come into the care of the Hospice, so are inspired to raise money not just for the charity or organisation, but for real people, the patients and families we have come to know and care about.   
Why abseil? April and I both wanted to do something to challenge ourselves this year (I hadn't quite bargained on this!) and Kristen had fancied it for a cut a long story short, April said 'I'll do it if you do it – it’s only a challenge if it pushes you beyond your fears or physical abilities' (but never thought for a minute I would), I certainly never ever thought I would, but Kristen signed up and guilt tripped me into it, April then had no choice and Michael was at the mercy of Kristen's powers of persuasion, so here we brave girl and three big fearties who are stepping not just out of their comfort zones but off a bridge and absolutely, totally terrified - but all for the best cause, which is at the heart of all that we do and who we are! Our fear means we will earn every penny of our sponsorship, so please support our 'bravery' as generously as you can, and help us to support Strathcarron in making every moment count for our patients and their families!
Coleena Brodie