Sheelagh Currie The hospice makes the difference to people and families of loved ones who have a life limiting illness or receiving end of life care. The hospice provided amazing care and compassion to my dad and the family when we had the devastating news that my dad's cancer had spread and he only had weeks to months left. They ensured my dad had what he wanted and nothing was to much, hospice at home team were in every day and if we didn't need anything they still stayed for a chat which was a welcome distraction. Although my dad was receiving end of life care you wouldn't know it as thanks to the team he was still able to live his life the way he wanted, it wasn't all doom and gloom and scary, he often said he was having a great time. The care also extended to the family and 2 years down the line we still have them at the end of the phone if we need help or a chat. The staff are described as Angel's in disguise, something I definitely agree with, they always have a smile on their face, a comforting way with words and a comforting hug.

The hospice has about 60% of their funding from fundraising events, the other 40% comes from local health boards and NHS Lanarkshire are taking their funding away meaning that from 2020 the hospice will be losing funding that is equal to 2 beds. Sheelagh Currie