Vicki Sinclair It was a few years ago that we had our first interaction with Strathcarron hospice and experienced firsthand the amazing jobs that the hospice and staff do. In our minds the staff there are nothing short of fabulous! Their support and care is priceless in every way and we believe that everybody should be able to gain access to this. So this is why we are trying to raise funds for Strathcarron to carry on with their extraordinary work.
Strathcarron hospice has always been in our minds and hearts since this, they have personally cared for our family and friends during really tough and sad times. Strathcarron hospice is a happy place that lets people live their lives to their best ability. The staff who work at the hospice are absolutely amazing and if we can even just raise a few pounds, every pound matters, it all counts! So if you can spare anything at all it will be very much appreciated xx Vicki, Stacey and Logan xx Vicki Sinclair