Hi there.
Let us introduce ourselves!
She’s Shona, I’m Gordon.
Together we’re going to take on the challenge of this year's Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday 29th May held together by nothing more substantial than one of Shona’s headbands! And we need your help to pull this off!
Shona’s been running since she was knee high at distances up to marathon and on the way has road tested every athletics injury known to humankind! In contrast, I’ve been saving my body for such an occasion as this. In other words I’ve just been walking everywhere with my faithful Guide Dog, Quest and have only taken up running last year having not run since I used to chase girls at school (quite literally!) And that wasn’t exactly yesterday!
Between us we’ve got one set of working eyes so if one of Shona’s old injuries makes an unexpected return visit during the marathon, quite literally I’m going to have to pick her up and give her a ‘coal carry’, to the finish, with her calling directions to keep us on track!!!
Why are we doing all this?
Some people might think we’re mad but we really like a challenge and most importantly because we want to do something for Strathcarron Hospice. They do so much good for so many every day and they are close to both of our hearts.
My late wife was a patient at Strathcarron a few years ago and by the fabulous work they performed, they were able to give my daughter and myself an extra year of her life – a year in which she was able to see our daughter attend her school prom, start her first job and make her way to university. Let’s face it – that’s priceless.
So we want to try and raise some money for this fabulous place and if it means a bit of pain and suffering as we pound the streets during hail, rain and shine, then so be it.
We’d be so grateful if you could spare just a pound or two – we fully recognise just how hard things are financially at the moment. But whatever you can spare would be fantastic and between us all, we can help make a difference for other families out there.
On the 29th of May we’d love to see you on the streets to cheer us on – especially when the going gets tough and our bodies starts moaning!
There’s an extra wee bonus out there too on the day. For those of you who love dogs, my daughter will be bringing along my Guide Dog Quest and he will be making celebrity appearances at various points along the route. And for all of you who’ve ask, no he does not go running with me – he refuses absolutely to go above second gear and prefers instead to snooze at home especially during wet and cold training nights!
So please give what you can, come and cheer us both on and cross your fingers that Shona and I can pull this off on the 29th of May!

Shona and Gordon A