Serious Fun! On the 17th March 2024 I intend to abseil off the Falkirk Wheel! Will I have fun? Yes! Is it serious? Definitely, and here's why:

We all know we are going to die, some sooner than they would wish. The people and environment at Strathcarron Hospice make the journey as much "fun" as possible at a very "serious" time. Their commitment and care goes above and beyond. I know this directly from the time my father-in-law, Michael Mayne, spent both as a day patient and an in-patient, before he passed away. More recently a local friend, Donald Smith, passed away at Strathcarron. He was a lovely man and I wish I could have got to know him better. The staff pulled out the stops to help him and Melanie his wife celebrate their wedding anniversary shortly before he passed!

We miss the ones we love but the sensitive and indeed creative care of the hospice and staff ease that pain. So I ask you to be serious and donate generously and, if you want some fun too then come and laugh with (at?) me on the 17th March. Thank you. Iain Graydon