My fundraising will be doing the Highland swing at kilicrankie with 132 feet drop on April 2021.

Due to covid 19 I was ment to do abseil on forth bridge in May 2020 but this got cancelled. So Highland swing is the new one.

But guys here is a wee reminder why I'm doing this.

My mum went in to hospice Oct mum passed away 3 November 2019. The weeks my mum was in hospice I couldn't thank the hospice for the care support and the love they give out to patient and there family's. My mum said the first day she went in there I feel like I'm at home. As a loved one you want your loved one to feel comfortable and at home.

My mum was my world my BFF so if I can do something that a think she would have been so proud would make me so happy Tammy Mckinlay