Chris Turnbull The story is long....
So I’ll shorten it.
My dad lived his last days at Strathcarron Hospice....
And I can’t think of a more comforting place for that to happen. For him, for my mum (his wife), for me, for family, for friends.
The care this place creates and provides for people in my dads situation is beyond that if a normal ‘care home’. Strathcarron isn’t just a workplace for the staff and volunteers, it’s clearly a way of life. A passion, a love, a genuine desire to help those in need of the care it provides.

A hospice that gets no government funding, yet requires over £15,000 per day to merely operate.....

They extended my dads life.
For that I want to help raise funds to extended more lives.

Please help this hospice.
For those local to strathcarron, you’ll never know when it might touch your heart or life like it has mine.

We need strathcarron for the community.

Help as much as you can.

I’ll be running the Alloa Half marathon, followed 3 weeks later by the GREAT STIRLING RUN. The city my dad was born in.....full marathon. I’m doing this run in my dads memory Chris Turnbull