This single, released on the 23rd of December, is the outcome of a project using singing as a method of promoting wellbeing for people living with a long term condition.
The amazing group known as “The Lymph Notes” are all living with lymphoedema or lipoedema and have met together once a week for the last 6 months.
The benefits of community singing are well researched and the positive effects of movement and deep breathing for managing lymphatic conditions are also well recognised - so the project aimed to put these both together to see what could be achieved.
The group has been encouraged and supported by a professional team - "Soundsational Music" and they have learned new skills including breathing and relaxation techniques as well as singing.
The whole group have reported so many positive outcomes including decreased social isolation improved wellbeing, connecting within a team and making new friendships. This has resulted in many different benefits such as less reliance on pain medication, more concentration, increased confidence and relaxation skills to use in stressful situations. They have had fun, achieved things they never thought possible and often used the sessions as a way to escape from difficult circumstances.
The adjusted target for donations to Strathcarron Hospice is £2 200. This would equate to 10 patients having a two week course of intensive lymphoedema treatment at the specialist clinic and the tools to continue with supported self management thereafter.
We are confident that this pilot project can now carry on within Forth Valley and we will be encouraging more people to access these skills to help them live well with their long term condition.
A massive thank you to Soundsational Music for the extra support in producing this single and enhancing the singing experience for the group.

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Margaret Anne Garner