Tracy King Alastair, Callum, Aaron and myself have decided to take on the Swamp Challenge, a 2 mile obstacles course covered in mud, slime and beasties in memory of Bobby Provan.
In February this year, my Uncle Bobby was diagnosed with throat cancer unfortunately on the 7th of March while making the journey to Strathcarron, Bobby passed away. The staff there gave the family great support, guidance and comfort at such a difficult time.

Alastair and I have had family and friends in the past who have also been cared for at Strathcarron and this is our way to say Thank You for them too.

We hope that all our friends, family and colleagues will support us to raise funds for a service that gives so much to so many people in their time of need and to remember Bobby Provan.

Tracy, Alastair, Callum and Aaron
xxxx Tracy King