On the 28th March there was a new pound coin issued by the Royal Mint and it is the first time that a new £1 coin has been introduced since 1983. Your old round pound will be in circulation alongside the new coin until it ceases to be legal tender on October 15th 2017. Why not help Strathcarron Hospice,

-Have a rummage down back of chairs & sofas

-Bottom of handbags

-Coin jar

-In the Car

In fact anywhere you might have the old pound lying about and donate to Strathcarron Hospice by asking for a £1 coin collecting card.

At Strathcarron all of your care is provided free of charge and we need to raise over £11,000 every day to keep our services running. Each of the coin cards holds a total of £20 and you may not know this, but £20 pays for one hour of Nursing Care here at Strathcarron so really does make a difference!

Request a Coin Card