As the school summer holidays come to a close for another year pupils across the area will turning their attention to the new academic year. For some this will be the last year of their schooling and for others going in to P1, the start of an exciting time in their young lives. Here at Strathcarron Hospice we are looking forward to the new school year as we miss working with young people during their holidays. It’s not surprising that many people don’t associate the Hospice with children and young people but in reality it’s quite the opposite.

Sadly, many will experience bereavement following the death of a loved one during their school years and Strathcarron Hospice runs a number of Seasons for Growth programmes to help young people live with change and loss. These eight-week sessions are open to any child within the area who needs this support. In addition, our experts also carry out training for education professionals to help them navigate the complex issues around child bereavement within their own school.

We offer young people the opportunity to become involved with fundraising for the Hospice and we are incredibly lucky to have a dedicated volunteer school co-ordinator to support them every step of the way in achieving their goals. We are also very proud of our young volunteers and those who choose the Hospice as a work experience placement, whether studying nursing or business studies and event management. And, of course, staff and patients are always delighted to welcome groups into the hospice who provide entertainment in our Day Care unit.

Children and young people are the future and we are delighted to work together in so many different ways. They are all Hospice Heroes in our eyes and we wish every single one the very best with their studies during the new school year.