This is an opportunity for charitable organisations around the country to celebrate the incredible contribution all volunteers make for their chosen charity.

Here at Strathcarron Hospice the volunteers are very much a part of our team. The range of roles carried out by volunteers is wide and varied. For example, all of our shops are supported by many volunteers, some who have given their time for decades. Within the Hospice itself we have volunteers working in the kitchen, supporting fundraising, bereavement support and providing complementary therapy, to name but a few. Of course, over the last 15 months we have had to severely restrict people coming in to the Hospice, including our much loved volunteers. The place just doesn’t feel the same without them and we can’t wait until we can once again open our doors, and our arms, to them.

There are also many volunteers working away in the local communities on our behalf, supporting people who are perhaps isolated due to illness and special bonds are formed over time. If you are interested in a Befriending role please call 01324 826222 for more information.

As restrictions have eased slightly we now have a bank of volunteer Hospice Visitor Assistants who help co-ordinate all patient visitors allowing people to spend precious time together as safely as possible. This relieves the nursing staff to concentrate on doing what they do best, providing specialist care, love and support for patients and their families.