Larbert High School and Strathcarron Christmas Extravaganza! 

The students of Larbert High School have been working hard over the past few months create a Fashion Show Christmas Extravaganza! By partnering with Strathcarron Hospice, they have transformed the preloved clothing that generous supporters have donated into the charity shops, into amazing statement pieces. 

The Christmas Extravaganza will take place at Strathcarron Hospice charity shop next week. Due to Covid restrictions, this will be a closed event, photos will be available next week post show!

Over 60 S1-6 pupils and staff from across Art & Design, Community Arts, Hair and Beauty, The Diner, Food and Consumer Technology and Photography have been involved in this very exciting project. Each garment will be modelled by one of the students as they 'sashay' down the red carpet on the night. Each stunning piece of designer clothing will also be available to purchase, just in time for Christmas.

Every penny raised will help fund the £14,315 daily cost of specialist end of life care and services the local Hospice charity provides to individuals and their families across its communities. 

As Strathcarron is a member of the Scottish Government’s Young Person’s Guarantee, committed to building a skilled workforce for now and in the future. The benefits of working with the inspiring young people of Larbert High are mutual, as there is strength in gaining new ideas and insight from a generationally diverse team. Their skills, enthusiasm, and creativity have been inspiring.