Strathcarron Compassionate Communities
Committed to nurturing strong and resilient communities across Forth Valley & North Lanarkshire

Our Compassionate Communities team take an Assets Based Community Development approach to building strong and resilient communities where neighbours can share their strengths and gifts in order to nurture and support every person right to the end of life and into bereavement.
We believe that social connectedness is the key to a good life. We believe that communities have assets and resource which, if connected, can enable them to support each other through life’s tough times.
We believe that professional support has a role to support the communities efforts, not the other way round.
Our team is made up of Community Builders, Community Development Outreach workers and a Community Link Worker.
The work of Strathcarron Compassionate Communities is funded by grants and trusts. Donations made to Strathcarron Hospice for patient care are not used to fund these projects.

LIGHT UP A LIFE: If you would like to remember someone who has died, or to reflect on the many other losses experienced during the pandemic, there are a number of ways you can. You can pre register to join our Light up a Life service, or you can organise your own with friends, family and others across your local communities. You can read more here: lightupalifecommunitiesleafletfinal.pdf
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"it would be nice to start a little movement.." [community member Val Carson]

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To download this informational postcard, click the link below:

To download this informational postcard, click the link below:

To download this informational postcard, click the link below:

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