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Planning for the Future

Thinking about the future can be difficult when you are living with a long term condition. It can involve facing things we would prefer not to face. It can also mean having difficult conversations with loved ones.

In our “Living Right up to the End” project we asked people with long term conditions and their families to tell us what makes it difficult to think about and plan for the future, and what might help them to do this.

What we found was that most people know that having plans in place is a good thing, but they don’t know what to do or where to start.

In response to this Strathcarron Compassionate Communities team have worked with 2 groups of people in the local communities to provide

Information pop up stands

This stand is provided by volunteers who have experience and training. The stand contains a variety of information about planning for the future and having difficult conversations with family and loved ones. The information has been carefully chosen by local people to suit local needs. All of the information is available to take away at no cost.

This pop up stand can be provided at local venues or at a community group meeting e.g. women’s guild, lunch club etc.

All About Me Book

The groups we worked with felt that a single place to keep all of your important information would be helpful. We looked at various tools available to do this, but none of them felt quite right to the people who would be using them. We worked together to design a book that focused on day to day living but also prompted us to think about the future.

The All About Me book has proven to be very popular, not only with people with long term conditions. It is in everyday language and is easy to complete.

If your group would like a pop up information stand or if you would like a copy of the All About Me book please contact Susan High or Mandy Ross 01324 826222

[email protected]   [email protected]

A pdf version of the All About Me book is available here