Our Compassionate Communities team are on the ground, connecting and supporting people to live their lives. We understand that it can be hard to talk to others when you’re feeling lonely, however, connecting with someone may make you feel a wee bit better.

 Being connected to your local community

How about becoming more involved in your local community by joining a local group or volunteering? We'd be happy to chat about any volunteering opportunities with Strathcarron, or even community groups you can join where you live.

·       Meeting new friends or finding groups of people who have been through similar experiences to you, providing a sense of belonging that may be missing. People who volunteer or join local community groups have found meaningful connections.

Keep active outdoors

Physical exercise and spending time outdoors can help with loneliness. It can be as simple as a spot of gardening, going for a walk to the local park, even a trip to the corner shop or garden centre when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Talk to someone

Schedule time each day to stay in touch with family, friends, and neighbours.

Reach out and talk with people you trust and share your feelings. Perhaps suggest an activity to help nurture and strengthen existing relationships. Sending letters, cards or text messages is another good way to keep up friendships.

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