Remembering David Johnston (DJ)

Marion Johnston

In memory of David Johnston, who was a volunteer and supporter of Strathcarron.

Autum wreath

alison connal

Sarah, Marley & co sponsored walk ♥️

Sarah Cain

I struggle myself with many health issues. I have experienced the care and support that Strathcarron gives. Me, my two children and Marley ( our dog ) wish to give something back. Due to ill health, I can’t commit to the longer walks. So we decided to do our own. Aiming for 100k in July. Daily progress reports will be uploaded, and any support would be appreciated by myself and my kids and more importantly Strathcarron, who do amazing work.

JB Strathcarron Challenge 2020

John Buchanan

To help the Hospice continue its important work.

Walk/Cycle for Joy

Pauline Parandian

My friend Joy was supported by hospice staff at the end of her life with kindness and compassion. I’d like to give something back to Strathcarron.

Climb That Rock

Natasha Irvine

To help fund the ongoing efforts of the staff at Strathcarron and to help make the patients lives as comfortable as possible