Blaine Falkirk Wheel Abseil

Blaine Marshall

Grangemouth high school have raised money for Strathcarron Hospice over the years and as Avon House Captain for Grangemouth High School I have decided to do the abseil alongside other school and house captains. To continue the legacy and are raising funds for strathcarron

Ciara’s Falkirk Wheel Abseil

Ciara Mulhall

Fundraising for Strathcarron Hospice with Grangemouth High School.

Roan Buckham Falkirk Wheel Abseil

Roan Buckham

As a House Captain in Grangemouth High School I have chosen to participate in the Falkirk Wheel abseil to support our chosen School Charity. Strathcarron means a lot to me personally and as part of the school community. Anything you can give to help me fundraiser for this amazing charity would be greatly appreciated.


Ellie Lochrie

To raise money for strathcarron through fundraising and doing the fundraising with the captains of Grangemouth high school

Abby’s Charity Abseil

Abby Laurie

As a school captain at Grangemouth High School, we are raising money for Strathcarron Hospice throughout the year.

Lucy’s Charity Abseil

Lucy Morrison

As a School Captain at Grangemouth High School, we are raising money throughout the year for Strathcarron Hospice.