Have some fun this summer as the Euros kick off and run a sweepstake for Strathcarron! Download our Sweepstake for Strathcarron and raise some funds for Strathcarron in your workplace.

Download your own Sweepstake for Strathcarron or send a message on WhatsApp to 07970 411325 to receive it straight to your phone.


All you need to remember

Set a stake

Decide how much entry to your sweepstake will be e.g. £5 per entry, £10 per entry

Set a prize

Decide what the prize will be e.g. 50/50 split to the winner and Strathcarron or maybe you have a good prize you could put up for the winner and all the funds raised go to the Hospice.

Follow the tournament

Once the winning country lifts the cup on 14th July 2024, pay in your fundraising on this page and award your prize to your winner!

Please note you cannot sell a sweepstake door to door or in the street.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact the Hospice Fundraising Team on 01324 826 222 or [email protected] 

Thank you for supporting Strathcarron Hospice.