1-7 November is #AbsentFriendsWeek - a festival which raises awareness of bereavement.⠀

A reminder, an opportunity and an excuse to create time and space to remember the important people in our lives who have died. ⠀
Strathcarron Hospice supports patients, their families and friends, we understand how important these traditions are during a period of grief and into the future of the 'new normal' for the bereaved.⠀

There are so many different, and comforting ways, to celebrate and remember the life of someone who remains close in your heart. 

- You might find it easier to gather a few close family and friends around and share stories about what that person meant to them; what was special about them, what did they care about.⠀We have created a leaflet with a suggested reading and music.

- Do something that you know they loved doing and visit a place where they loved going.⠀

- Listen to the music that made them dance and do the things that made them laugh, the things that made them sad and the things that got them mad. ⠀

- Cook the food that made them ask for seconds; was it a fish supper, a curry or mince and tatties? ⠀

Bereavement can be lonely place but by sharing your love and taking the time to remember the individual for the special and unique person they were you can help keep your memories alive.⠀
Please take some time out this week to remember your special person or people who are no longer here.