In July of 2020 my Nana was taken into Strathcarron Hospice where she sadly died on 30 July. The nurses were incredible and the level of care and dignity they gave to both her and my family was amazing. The Hospice requires over £13k a day just to keep its doors open, and relies heavily on fundraising. This is a huge task, particularly with the additional difficulty that CV19 has presented. This July, beginning on what would have been Nana's 72nd birthday, I'll be skating 13km a day for 13 days to raise as much money for the Hospice as I can. My Nana was a wonderful woman and was loved by everyone she met, and is missed everyday. Strathcarron Hospice is a wonderful place which deserves every bit of funding; I know that this year or so has been a nightmare for many people, but I would greatly appreciate any support you could give. All donations go directly to the Hospice.

Rebecca Sneddon