In November 2024, myself and a local team will taking on the challenge of a 400km cycle through southern Thailand over the course of 5 days, in support of the amazing charity, Strathcarron Hospice. This is now my 3rd challenge which I have took on to help with the continued support that Strathcarron provide for our local community in Kilsyth and surrounding areas, this is a great opportunity to give back to our local hospice.

Strathcarron hospice is a charity which provide special palliative care for those with life changing illnesses that cannot be cured such as cancer, lung, heart and kidney failure, and many neurological diseases. Strathcarron hospice provides amazing care for those in need and need all the support they can get to continue doing the spectacular job they are doing.

Wether it is £1 or more, or just a share, anything helps. Any donations are greatly appreciated and thank you to all who have continued to support me taking on these challenges.

Alan Johnston