On Sunday 25th September, I will be running the 'Linlithgow 10K 2022' in support of Strathcarron Hospice because I want to help Strathcarron Hospice continue to provide specialist palliative care and expert end of life care for local people living with, and dying from a life limiting illness.

As some of you may know, only about 1.5 years ago I absolutely hated running.
I have started 'going for a run' after the first lockdown and even though at the beginning I could barely run 1.5k without stopping, I have slowly worked my way up to 5k and beyond.
Now, Linlithgow 10k may not sound that challenging. However, the terrain is quite hilly - which is not something I am used to.

I am lucky enough not to have been personally effected by cancer.
I have, however got some very close friends whose families have been effected and who have used the services of Strathcarron Hospice. They cannot speak more highly about the amazing work Strathcarron Hospice do - not only for the patients but also for their families.

Strathcarron Hospice needs to raise £14,635 a day to keep its services running. Just £24 can pay for an hour of nursing care, so please donate what you can.
It really will help to make a difference.

Thank you! Andrea Rait