My first visit to Strathcarron Hospice was in 1989 to see my grandpa there. In some ways as a 24 year old I didn't really understand what a hospice was but I do remember it being a calm and peaceful place with kind staff.
I have over the years become more aware of others who have been appreciative of all the work that the hospice does- what that has meant to people and their loved ones during incredibly difficult times.
Fast forward to now and as a keen cyclist I usually do a few bike packing trips every year and when this came up, as the first charity cycle for Strathcarron Hospice, I thought it would be a good idea to cycle to raise funds for the hospice.
Please give whatever you can- I will appreciate your support (and it really does help with motivation to keep going !) but more importantly the hospice will gain valuable funds Jacqueline Ferguson