My wonderful friend Anne was diagnosed with CJD during lockdown. A cruel and incurable disease. Strathcarron cared for her till the end. Very carefully allowing visits during covid, not only for her family and friends but her beloved dogs, which I know filled her with joy and comfort. The staff were kind, warm and friendly. They even arranged to get a horse up to visit her, and for her to go home for a visit to her garden.

I will always remember Anne, who had lost the power of speech, face light up when I took my daughter, Lillyann, to see her. They were besties. To my amazement, she was reading along with Lillyann and laughing, laughing that belly laugh we all knew and loved. Taken far too soon, Anne left a huge imprint on our lives. She will never be forgotten. I raise my kid to her standards, bonkers, loud, assertive, feminist, fierce but above all kind. All who know Lillyann will agree I am succeeding whether they think it's a good thing or not.

I am raising funds to thank Strathcarron and allow them to continue their incredible work. Helping people through their last days, and their friends and families through the worst. So in August I will be doing a tandem skydive in Fife along with other fundraisers for Strathcarron. Jumping from 10,000ft and reaching speeds 120 mph. Please donate what you can, and help me honour my wonderful friend, and help Strathcarron carry on their invaluable work. Fiona Patton