I am running the Edinburgh marathon in 2025 in honour of my Angel, Isabel Querns. My gran was diagnosed with duodenal cancer in 2022, throughout her whole journey she was so strong, resilient and very positive and was still her kind, loving and bubbly self till the very end. In July of 2023 she was moved into strathcarron hospice and the team that work there were incredible at getting her settled in and comfortable which was all we could ask for. They were always so accommodating not only to my gran but to me and my family and nothing was too big of an ask. In 2023 I ran the 10k with my dad for strathcarron hospice and this year I really want to challenge myself to complete something bigger and be able to help out the Hospice again. They were absolutely amazing through a very difficult time for me and my family and to give back to them would be amazing. Eilidh Querns