John was a husband, father, brother and friend. He suffered with illness over the past 10 years, which was hard for a man who was always so full of life and fun. He enjoyed many holidays with my Mum in Europe (camping in Brittany in a tiny orange tent), Mexico and, in particular, touring around Scotland (often with only SAS jackets as their tent!). These holidays were spent with friends, and involved plenty of entertaining the locals with songs and music. My childhood is full of memories of Scottish countryside, guitar music and Scottish folk songs (the exact song was harder to decipher as the night went on!). As many people have commented, my Dad was happiest when people around him were happy and this was often achieved when he played his guitar. There are many stories to share of my Dad, some kind, some hilarious, some pretty unbelievable, and I hope you enjoy hearing and remembering these with us at the Funeral. We would also be grateful if you could share some of your happy memories of my Dad here with us- I am sure Pippa and Flora would love to hear these as they get older! We would like to thank all of your for your support, your love and your friendship which meant so much to my Dad and to us. Any donations you would like to make to the hospice would be gratefully received. The hospice staff made it possible for us to have my Dad home with us, and he was so happy to be home.

Beth Cunningham