Thank you to Claire for sharing her story of living with Lymphoedema to raise awareness of this condition.Claire is a working mother of two and has a busy life, living well with her Lymphoedema. She comes in to Strathcarron Hospice for intensive treatment 2-3 times a year. Although Claire didn’t want her face to be featured, she’s keen to raise awareness of Lymphoedema and how it can be successfully treated; you can continue to live a full and active life.Claire’s diagnosis of Lymphoedema was triggered by her first pregnancy, over 12 years ago. Starting off with a swollen ankle, it was not immediately diagnosed. She had various scans and treatments, and was fortunately referred to her local Hospice’s Lymphoedema Specialist team and is doing great.

The results of an intensive Lymphoedema treatment, including compression bandaging is an amazing 2.3 litres of fluid lost. For Claire, this is a 56% improvement reduction in her right leg after 10 days intensive treatment.

As the only specialist Lymphoedema clinic in NHS Forth Valley, if you’ve the condition, or know someone who may have, speak to Strathcarron Hospice about possible treatment: [email protected] if you’ve any questions.

For more information on our Hospice Lymphoedema Services: Lymphoedema Services