James and his daughter regularly visit our Strathcarron Hallam Road, Stenhousemuir charity shop. They explore the shop together, meet people and find little treasures.

James has vascular dementia and his daugher tell us they really enjoy their visits, as "he gets so much out of them, as do I".

His daughter likes that the shop is all one level, and spacious. She feels safe with him happily wandering around, looking at items and chatting to our staff, volunteers and other shoppers; as she can see where he is at all times. They also have a seat, coffee and blether in our Public Living Room, as they decide on the items they're going to purchase.

James says, "I always manage to find something I love. It's got to 'jump out at me' then I know it's coming home with me. This picture has jumped out at me today, isn't it lovely"!

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