Have the important, sometimes difficult conversations with your loved ones now, not when it may be too late.

The Strathcarron Compassionate Communities team and people from the communities of Forth Valley co-produced the All About Me booklet. This helpful booklet enables you to record and find important information about your (or a loved ones) life, without having to sort through file after file.
Letting people know your wishes about such things as funeral arrangements and obituary. You can also record your thoughts about loved ones, as well as make peace with family and friends.
This book is an opportunity to chat through wishes while keeping all the information in one, safe place. ❤️
Many people have documents in different places and with different people:
- Personal details
- Pets
- Life contacts
- Possessions
- Computers and Social Media
- Financial
- Final wishes
Jennifer says, “My mum’s best friend of 50 years passed away and didn’t have anything in place in writing, so there were many conflicting discussions about what she wanted her funeral to be like. The only thing that was agreed on was that she wanted her ashes scattered, but everyone had different opinions on where to scatter them because she changed her mind so often.
If she had something like the All About Me booklet in place, her funeral arrangements would have been so much easier and there wouldn’t have been any disagreements, no second guesses and her ashes would have been scattered exactly where she would have wanted them to be”.
You can download the All About Me Booklet Downloador you can email [email protected].
We would be delighted to send you a copy.
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